Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

You may think your eyes are healthy, but visiting an eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to really be sure. During the exam, each eye is closely inspected for signs of common  problems. It’s also especially important for people with diabetes to have a comprehensive dilated exam at least once a year.

Your eyes are one of the most complex organs in your body. A comprehensive eye exam to assess your visual system and eye health involves a number of different of tests. Unlike a simple vision screening, which only assesses your vision, a comprehensive eye exam includes a battery of tests in order to do a complete evaluation of the health of your eyes and your vision.

Eye Exam and Consultation

During an eye exam, our Doctors will ask you questions about any symptoms or issues you are experiencing, medications you are currently taking, any blurry vision, your work environment, and your overall health. Family history and previous eye or vision conditions will also be discussed during this part of the examination. Our Optometric physician will consider this information when determining any treatments or recommendations.

Vision Testing

Regular vision testing and evaluations ensure that you always have the clearest vision possible. Our Doctors provide regular vision acuity testing as part of a comprehensive eye exam. The results of these tests are portrayed as a fraction, with 20/20 being the standard for normal distance and reading vision. Depending on the results of your vision test, our Doctors may prescribe corrective glasses, contacts, or eye exercises.

Eye Function Testing

In addition to vision testing, an eye exam in our Indigo Vision Center includes testing eye functionality. Our Optometric physician performs several tests to evaluate depth perception, color vision, eye muscle capabilities, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light. Several other simple tests are completed to determine whether the eyes are focusing, moving, and working together properly. The test results enable our Doctors to diagnose any underlying conditions that may be impairing the eyes ability to focus or work together.

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